The C~>D Project was an open-ended choice assignment. The students were allowed to choose any way to represent their knowledge about the trenches of WWI. Here is what they did:

Breanna, Shawna, & Hannah's RSA video

Kevin, Colby, Michael, & Sarah's movie

Zach's RSA Movie

Seth's "Cake n' Bacon"

Andrew, Brandon, & Christian's RSA video

Morgan's RSA video

Gina & Sammi's RSA video

Collin, Collin, Sami, & Jacob's Epic Trench Movie

Hannah F & Olivia's Prezi

Jessica, Caralyn, and Daisy's Project

Meagan, Kaeli, and Hannah's project

Kenna & Eric's project

Hannah & Jenny's Project

Max's Dance

Bow, Justin, and Matt

Ben's RSA

Noah, Austin, and Justin

Soldier's Story - by Tessa

David, Dan, Patrick, Jesse, Devyn, Bryce and Tyler's project

Sofia & Jordan's Prezi

Stories & Letters:

I Wish it Were a Dream - by Myka

Connor's Letters - By Connor

The Diary of Robert Green - by Megan M

Life in the Trenches - by Jennifer P

Dan & Son (4) - Matt & Joey

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