Below you will find the links to student created websites. Each student selected a topic of his/her interest, formulated guiding research questions, and independently researched and drew conclusions on the topic s/he selected. Please have a look around and feel free to constructively comment on as many sites as you wish. Comments do not have to be limited to content, you can also comment on the site design and other aesthetic features. Please keep all comments constructive.

A Day Forever in Our Minds
Understanding September 11Taylor's website on 9/11September 11th, 2001__The Turning Point for our Nation__9/11 Terrorist Attacks
Behind the September 11th Attacks
9/11 a Day of Horror
The Tragedies Of The 9/11 Attacks
Unreal became the Unimaginable
9/11 Something We Will Never Forget

Gabby's Site
Dante's Site
9/11: Worst Terrorist Attack In U.S History
The Truth Behind The 9/11 Attacks

Afghan War
The Reality of it All
Longest Time To Think
The War In Afghanistan, Simple or Sophisticated?The War on Terror
How Much Do You Know About The Afghan War?

Child Soldiers/War Orphans:
The Truth
Child Soldiers

Child Soldiers - the unfortunate reality

Civil Rights Movement:
The Civil Rights Movement of 1955 (seriously)

Cold War:
Cold War Submarines
Looking Into The Cold War
Ashley's Website on The Cold War
__Cold War__
Fighting A Blind Battle
The Cold War: U.S.A. vs U.S.S.R.
The Cold War

Commir into a world of Communism
The Russian Revolution
Red Revolution
All About Communism
From Marx to Stalin

Fascism, a mark in history forever
An Understanding Of FascismThe Fascist Truth

Feminism in the U.S.

Genocides... What the World has Become.
Leaders: Who are They?
Aftermath of The Holocaust

The Great Depression
The dirty Thirties

The Korean War:
Korean Human Rights
Christine’s Korean war web site
The Words, "Forgotten War" Will never be forgotten
The Forgotten WarMedical:Medicinal advancements after a crisis

Nuclear War:
Nuclear Warfare and the end of an era
History of Hiroshima and NagasakiMichhael’s website on many topics.
The Blasting Zone
Dropping Atomic bombs on Japan

Vietnam War
Vietnam Hippies
Colby’s site
Jordan Morace’s website
Raegan's Website Vietnam War
Sanji's Site

War with Iraq:
Do you really know operation Desert stormIraq War
Desert Storm

WWIIWorld War 2: A War to RememberPearl Harbor
Japanese Internment...and It’s background
Jessica Atkins (My site)
The Strength of The Navy
World War 2 from beginning to endThe United States During World War II
Daniel Crandalls Site