Here is a list of the blogs created by the 8th grade class of 2012. Please feel free to read and comment on any/all of them. Keep comments positive, but feel free to add constructive criticism to content, grammar, style, etc.

#7 - Tyler B
:) Rhianna's Wall - Rhianna M
Astraeus - Dwight D
Alexandra's Blog is Awesome - Alexandra P
Alexandra, Miserable at Best - Alex M
amadi - Amadi W
Andrew's Blog - Andrew F
angela's blog - Angela A
Aquaburito - Lawrence W
Avenged Sevenfold - Eric S
Awesome Turtles - Caleb B
Barney and Friends - Emily T
Blackbird Singing in The Dead of Night - Calissa S
Blog of The Toth - Jack T
Bobby's Blog - Bobby A
Brooke's Blog - Brooke A
Charlie's Blond Moments and Such - Charlotte R
Cheese Heads Rule - Liam A
Cheeri-O's - Owen S
Colton's Blog - Colton R
CT of CT blog - Chris T
D'Marco's Beastly Blog - D'Marco W
Dattkiidmarc - Marc P
DerpHerpMerp - Carina W
Dominique Blog - Dominique D
Doodle Wars - Austin V (2)
Ellas Blog - Ella R
Error Code - David A
Favoritism - Jordan H
fun - Nate W
Fun For days Struggle for life - Maranda M
hobo's rule - Angelo P
Humans - Adam F
Humans - social studies blog - Cayla P
I got the POWER - Austin V (1)
It's a Lax Bro World - Jonah R
jakes blog - Jake D
jeneciyah - Jeneciyah P
Jessica C - Jessica C
Josephine's Blog - Josephine F-M
KCoher007 - Karissa C
Lane 2 - Ruby Lee R
Leaf That Rides the Wind - Katie T
Lincoln's Blog - Lincoln R
little Einsteins - Nick B
Madeline is Awesome - Madeline B
Meg-a-tron is awesome!! :) - Meghan T
Morgan's Blog - Morgan A
My School Life - Abby B
nagato - Jordan P
Nick is Awesome - Nick T
OkayThisIsGettingWeird - Sam R
pats fan 10 - Mikala M
Polka Dots - Hannah M
post 1 jon l - Jon L
Proud to be Me - Brittany S
puppy love - Brooke N
Quote Assignment - Conor B
Rachels blog =D - Rachel B
Re-Spekt The Music - Marissa C
Reba rules the world!!!! - Rebecca L
RobMob - Robby F
Sealman222 - Ryan S
Soccer22 - Karli T
tatertots - Taty B
Taylor is super amazingg! - Taylor H
The beginning of the end (of middle school) - Zach C
The World According To Mandy - Mandy R
The World According to NOT Mandy - Lexi B
Troll Face - Noah R
What Now - Dominic G
Yes, I'm a Potterhead. Live with it. - Kiera M